Debra Bellanti Campaign

Anthony, Debra, and their daughter, Josephine

They say less is more. That must be true because the more we elect the wrong people, the less we benefit in the Tampa Bay area! Voting to reduce funding for our local schools doesn’t improve them. Deregulation doesn’t make our drinking water safer. And telling locally-elected municipal and county officials that bureaucrats in Tallahassee know better simply doesn’t make sense! Debra Bellanti knows how to solve problems. It comes with the territory when you’re a small business owner, a mother, and someone with the title of Creative Director. She instinctively looks for better ways to say things and smarter ways to get more done. We need more people like that in the Legislature.

  • ƒRestore respect and funding for public education in our community
  • Keep our children safe whether they are at school, at home, or places of worship
  • ƒProtect women’s rights from equal pay for equal work to our reproductive rights
  • Fight for our working class by promoting a living wage
  • ƒDefend responsible growth to ensure safe water, land, and coastline
  • ƒProtect Home Rule by keeping Tallahassee in their lane


Town Hall For Our Lives

Why Run? Why Now?

It isn’t easy taking that first step to run for office, but I have faced much harder challenges over my lifetime. I grew up in a household full of love, but short on financial where-with-all. “In-between-checks,” was code for we aren’t eating tonight, or you aren’t getting those new clothes for your first day of school.

But that challenge didn’t keep me from moving forward. I graduated in the top 10% of my high school and was one of the first in my family to go to college and later, the first in my family to own my own business.

Now, I am the first in my family to run for public office.

I am running because I want to restore respect and funding for Public Education. In Florida, money is being taken from our public schools and sent to for-profit charter schools without any accountability. As a mother of a child in public school, this trend to defund our public schools is devastating and one of the main reasons why I am running for Florida House.

I am running to fight for the rights of women. From equal pay for equal work to our reproductive rights. I marched on our State Capitol 28 years ago to ratify the ERA in Florida and nothing was done. It is time to elect more women to our legislature to see this through. It is time.

I am running to fight for the working class. Average American families are being squeezed. The cost of living is increasing while wages remain stagnant. I will fight for a living wage because Americans who work hard to provide for their families should be able to do so without having to work two or three jobs.

I am fighting for our Unions. All too often those in power find ways to demonize our Unions and that has to stop. They helped build the working class and now are the ONLY ones focused on training the next generation of workers. I will do everything in my power to stop the attacks on the Unions in Florida.

I am running to defend smart development. Understanding that the State of Florida is growing, we need to address development and make sure we are protecting our land, coastline, and waterways. Our resources are limited and finite and we must remember that as we address our projected growth.

I am running to keep State Legislators from pre-empting local municipalities. Those closest to the people are the best to govern them. Tallahassee, FL, our State Capitol, shouldn’t be able to decide if a City puts up billboards along their highways or within their cities… the voters in that particular city should.

Now, even more, I am running to correct, create, or enforce the laws regarding gun responsibility in the State of Florida. School shootings are becoming way too regular and we must find a way to address this uniquely American issue.

Join me, support me, and let’s elect leaders to get something done!

Debra Bellanti